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About US

Logan and Nicole host this weekly podcast ​giving the facts but with the understanding that ​facts don't always add up. Logan's military and ​engineering background coupled with Nicole's ​impeccable deep diving research is at the ​forefront in dissecting paranormal claims.

They have also had some very personal ​paranormal incidents they cant explain, with ​even their skillsets. You don’t need to be ​Generation X to listen, everyone is touched by ​the paranormal.

“LOVED joining Logan & Nicole on the show for what was ​an amazing chat that seriously could have went on for ​HOURS. This is the sign of amazing professional hosts ​who can go deep on all topics we discussed. LOVE the ​podcast and love their work!” - Ryan O’Neill​

“Nicole and Logan are wonderful hosts ​and I enjoyed being on their program. I ​would be happy to come back ​anytime.” - Chris McKinnell

“An amazing podcast. Great interviewers! Great ​guests!” - Preston Dennett

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Need to reach us?

Need to reach us?

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